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Human!Vespiquen by XxxHidanaxxX Human!Vespiquen :iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 0 0
Bonetrousle/Gennoacide-Fanmade lyrics
       Hello there human, its I Papyrus.
Your dear friend filled with magic bones and lots of hurt.
If you need proof then look into my sockets
because there filled with sadness and depression.
        This kind of hurt can't be matched by you
because you can't feel a thing beside hate in your Soul
All my friends are gone and your standing here as I plead with you!
To stop!
        Please stop human, I believed in you until
you took my brother Sans away, If you continue your ways
you will be killed eventually, I hate to do this human but I must
stop you from your rampage!
    But if you keep going i'll be forced to fight you
and put you in your place.
        Please human theres still
        a chance of
:iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 2 0
My Papyrus Cosplay by XxxHidanaxxX My Papyrus Cosplay :iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 3 5
Slender Man x Reader/W-What?~16
    Hello. everyone Im sorry I haven't uploaded in so long I just needed time to mature with my writing so chapters will be longer and such okay? :3 enjoy.
                        (F/N) Pov.
    I looked at both of the men slightly confused on why they bowed to me but the thought hit me once again, I was getting married to that demon, known as Zalgo or whatever his name was. Fear rose inside me at the very though and I looked away quickly crossing my arms over my chest hugging myself softly to keep calm the last thing I wanted to happen was for my to have a outburst of panic and fear. Now I did not know what would happen if I did but I knew it would be something horrible or likewise end up with me being locked way, tortured, or killed most likely being locked away. My eyes glanced over the surroundings the room was dim and slightly chilled the only
:iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 4 0
Undertale Finale Dual-Lyrics-FANMADE
    Don't give up hope, just keep on fighting until we win.
Don't give up it's almost over! for time is fading into
this abyss and will keep on going until the end!
Our souls will come together and fill you with 'Determination'
you need as you call out for help, in this horrible battle just keep going,
Don't give up now for its almost over we'll be here cheering you on!
Until the end as he reaches his breaking point and we'll take over!
Just keep on fighting until then our hearts are one!

Don't give up hope, just keep on fighting until we win.
Don't give up it's almost over! for time is fading into
this abyss and will keep on going until the end!
Our souls will come together and fill you with 'Determination'
keep on going, keep on fighting, until we have won don't give up
now for it has finally begun to get tough and difficult our hardship
will not be forgotten in this world here and now! please don't give up
:iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 2 0
Rotten Rotten Zombie
'Rotten, rotten Zombie' I want to love you passionately
'Rotten, rotten zombie' I came back to see you
'Rotten, rotten zombie I will never let you run away again'
Zombie, Zombie, the never ending dream and...
Zombie, Zombie, The never ending love
'Zombie, Zombie, Consume my heart'
'Zombie, Zom-Zombie'

We were supposed to vow our eternal happiness,
but, Now I realize you are a liar.
'I can't forgive you.'
I was satisfied to be your mistress, but,
Now I realized you were annoyed with me.
Did you think you could bury 'even my heart?'
'Ahhh~' 'Rotten, rotten, zombie.'
'Though I love you so much'
'Rotten, rotten, zombie.'
'Why are you staring at me with such a face?'
'Rotten, rotten, zombie.'
 'Hey, let's play Hide-and-Seek to have fun'
'Rotten, rotten, zombie.'
'I will never let you run again...'
Zombie, Zombie. Hate is, in other words,
Zombie, Zombie. The other side of love
'Zombie, Zombie. I love you'
'Zombie, Zom-Zombie'

:iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 0 0
Rainbowz by XxxHidanaxxX Rainbowz :iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 0 0 Cynthia by XxxHidanaxxX Cynthia :iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 3 0 Phone Guy by XxxHidanaxxX Phone Guy :iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 0 0 Ashes, To Ashes, Dust, To Dust. by XxxHidanaxxX Ashes, To Ashes, Dust, To Dust. :iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 0 1
Slender Man X Reader/W-What!?~15
    Hello everyone sorry for not writing in so damn long q.q u may hate me forever nao! -cries in a corner-
           *Slendy's P.O.V*
    We set off the next morning me, Hoodie,Masky,Jeff,Rose,Smile,EJ, And BEN we needed to find (F/N) before it was to late, I couldn't stand the thought of my love being married to that....Demon...I felt as if my blood was going to boil over from the rage I felt inside.     The woods felt rather off as if some one was following us I looked around confused Rose following close to my side looking up at me and said "What's the matter Slendy?" I looked down at her and shook off the feeling of eyes stabbing my back and kept going BEN and Jeff arguing over who was better at GTA, how stupid they play human games....but BEN I can understand why he does but Jeff maybe he still is a teenager to be honest.....
    *(F/N) P.O.V*
    I sighed
:iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 2 4
Friend by XxxHidanaxxX Friend :iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 1 0 Purple Guy(Vincent) FNAF 2 by XxxHidanaxxX Purple Guy(Vincent) FNAF 2 :iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 2 5
Snow Belle
    Profile: Age:16 Sex:Female Height:5'2 Weight:100 Hair Color:Red Eyes:Red (oddly) Name: Snow Anne Belle. Known Bio of the murder: She grew up on the south side of Detroit, Michigan. Her family was abusive, but seemed prefect on the outside never swore, stole, or committed any crimes in public. They lived in a very poor neighborhood full of crimes.
    She is very dangerous and seems to be mentally ill (Insane) and bipolar, she talks to herself a lot and seems to be very sweet when she is in a sane state but still can be trigged by the slightest thing. She uses a butcher knife to kill her victims showing no mercy or pity.
    Wait, wait, wait! IM NOT INSANE!!!! OR CRAZY! well at least they got the first part right….Anyways! I'm Snow!~ nice to meet you, nice to kill you!~ i'm not insane I'm just 'creative' with my killings, and yeah so what? I talk to myself! its not like I have anyone to really talk to…no one EVER listens! DAMNIT!!! and,and,a
:iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 1 3
    Hello!~ My name is Caroline Johnson I am 15 years old and I'm very sweet and hyper once you get to know me!!~ Im a party animal and I enjoy having fun and messing around with my friends!~~ Im the proxy of Splendor Man, Soooooo I kind of act like him -she giggles- I don't like it when people try to hurt my friends feelings or hurt them that makes me mad.....and no one like it when i'm mad... BUT ANNYYWAAYYSSS!!!! heres the story of how I became a proxy and all that!!~
    My father always used to beat me down after my mother was killed in child birth, he blames me for her death everyday he would leave bruises and cuts all over me, and at school it was worse. My first year of high school was a living hell, all the kids made fun of me for having different colored eyes my left eye is blue and my right is a dark brown I know it sounds funny but thats why I hide behind this mask of mine...but one day I met a boy named Alex he was very sweet and
:iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 1 0
Mature content
Eyeless Jack X Reader/Animals*ONESHOT* :iconxxxhidanaxxx:XxxHidanaxxX 6 0
My Awesome Stuff Ish In Herez! Hehe! x3


Can't Say Ch24 (Slenderman x Reader)
      By noon, a total of three sparring rounds had been completed. The score was 2-to-1, and Sexual-Offenderman’s Proxies were in the lead. There was no doubt that the opposing Proxies were a good team. Even if you and Passenger were new, the odds were against your favor. Masky, Hoodie, and Toby seemed indifferent about your influence to the scores, though you were blaming yourself. At least you couldn’t blame your lack of focus on your broken nose anymore. It had stopped bleeding shortly after the first round, now only swollen and tender. Slenderman noted that he would tend to your nose when the day was over. “It’s best that you learn to endure such injuries for when the real missions occur,” he explained. Despite your urge to roll your eyes in frustration from the pain, you knew he was right. Darn him.
      Everyone stopped for a lunch break, which you were thankful for. At least you could relax for a short while. The thro
:iconladymonoceros:LadyMonoceros 21 61
JeffxReader The Snuggler (short)
___ had always been a sound sleeper. ___ did not notice the loud noises of doors opening and closing, The creaky floors all over the house squeaking, or the sound of feet coming closer and closer.
     ___ lay sleeping soundly in (his/her) bed when Jeff finally came upon the last room in the house. Jeff stood over ___'s bed raising his knife. Jeff had made a mistake, though. Suddenly ___ grabbed Jeff successfully pulling him into the bed and under (her/him). Jeff was pinned under ___ , who was snuggling into Jeff's broad chest. Jeff's perverted thoughts did not mind, though. He too fell asleep and snuggled into the warm touches of the body on top of him.
:icondigigirl6:digigirl6 9 13
Iris [Eyeless Jack/Reader]: Part II
Note: Read part one here. Based off of “Eyeless Jack” by Azelf5000. Also contains some Mitch/reader. This story turned out longer than I expected, so I decided to split it into three parts instead of two. Part three will feature more E.J./reader.
Usually when you entered the kitchen in the morning Edwin was already sitting at the table, finished with his hearty breakfast and just starting on a mug of coffee. Or applying foundation, as he was still recovering from acne.
But there wasn’t any dishes or bowls soaking in the sink and Ed was pouring a kettle. His little brother was nowhere to be seen.  
“Machine’s broken,” he announced, setting it back down on the stove. “Did you hear that thump last night? I hope Mitchy didn’t bump his head on anything. He’s usually an early riser.”
“What thump?”
“Eddd…” slurred a voice from down the hall. Edwin was about
:iconoctarinepegacorn:OctarinePegacorn 13 5
Fourth Assignment Comic by pengosolvent Fourth Assignment Comic :iconpengosolvent:pengosolvent 76 11 BRAVOCLAP (song) by pengosolvent BRAVOCLAP (song) :iconpengosolvent:pengosolvent 125 10 It's Showtime! by Gooseworx It's Showtime! :icongooseworx:Gooseworx 661 44
Yandere!LenxReader-Virgin Suicides pt.1
Every lie I tell is just dead weight
Before long, I'm starting to suffocate,
Hey you, wont you come and help me cut my lungs away?

You knew Len Kagamine from your school. A handsome blond boy with beautiful blue eyes, golden hair that was always kept back into a neat little ponytail and a talented voice, yet he carried an aura of mystery as well. He was part of a band called Vocaloid, a group of singers who decided to put their talent towards something good at your school. One would say they were the 'cool kids' that every body wanted to be.
If you didn't know at least one of them, then you weren't cool. You were just the ordinaries. Which you were, until the day you met Len.
You were running down the hallway, late for class as usual with your books in your hands that were threatening to spill out your notes. A single wrong footstep could send them flying so you could imagine the paper explosion that happened when you happened to bump directly into someone.
The force sent you fl
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 23 4
Cruelest Of Hearts~Eyeless Jack X Reader Chapt. 28
Chapter 28 Who We Used To Be
‘If they find out that we’re not home, we are so dead.’
The voice of a girl pierced through the loud noise of the howling wind, as the blizzard that pestered the small town of (y/t) continued on with undiminished ferocity, bringing along with it only the piercing cold of a merciless winter. In the almost deserted roads, two shadows appeared to be moving along the sidewalk, both of them staying on each others side, in a desperate attempt to generate some heat and warm themselves up; it was way past midnight and all denizens had retreated towards the warmth and protection of their homes, so it was far more than simply odd for someone to still be lingering outside.
 ‘Oh come on now ______. They haven’t suspected a thing in all those years, why should they know now?’ the voice of a boy replied, only to receive a sigh from the girl.
 ‘I think you’re right Jack.’ _____ smiled brightly and t
:iconeviann1994:Eviann1994 30 7
The Longest Winter (Ticci Toby x Reader) Ch. 1
    Snow covered the paved ground of the park trail, and I could feel the heat of my food clearly. I was feeling pretty decent after this weeks events, and I decided to buy myself a small pizza to celebrate, and sit in my favorite park.
    As of last week, I became the manager of a small retail store, and I was excited to have the increase in salary, and my hourly pay was a little bit higher than $15 dollars an hour, which is the most I’ve ever earned at a job.
    I took the unpaved path that cut through the trees and bushes, grinning when a covered picnic table came into view. I set down the box of pizza along with my bag before I sat down on the bench, feeling the cold of the wood even through my jeans.
    It may be the first snowfall of the year, but the cold was quickly claiming the air, making the ground hard and leaving a layer of ice over most bodies of water. I enjoyed the transition of the seasons, even if it
:iconleviathanxyzzy:LeviathanXyzzy 6 8
Laughing jack x Reader (Season 2): Chapter 15
Chapter 15:
~(Y/N)’s P.o.V~
It’s been four months after I found out I was pregnant. Slendy has been checking on me every three weeks, telling me that the baby is healthy and still checking on the due date for when the baby will be coming. During this week, Laughing Jack and I went to buy a crib for the baby. We still haven’t chosen what color it will be since we still haven’t known if it will be a boy and a girl. But I always have this feeling that somebody is watching me. A flashback came through my mind when Skin Taker was watching me. I shook my head, ignoring those moments in the past. “Are you ok, hun?” Laughing Jack asked. I nodded “Y-yeah, I’m alright.” He held my hand and went back home.
After we arrived home, I went upstairs to our room. “I’m going to Slendy’s place. Be back in five minutes, ok?” I nodded and he kisses me softly as he caressed my chin with his thumb. I blushed heavily and I see him l
:icongothicbellydancer:GothicBellydancer 21 22
The Body. (Jeff the Killer x Doctor!Reader) Ch.3
    I ran my hands over my face, trying hard to erase that sickening feeling of worry. God who the hell knows how close to death I was. The retrieval operation resulted in the death of eight officers, and I could have easily been harmed by that killers bare hands!
    Just thinking about it made my blood turn cold and I just wanted to shake. What was I doing? God, was this even worth the salary? The reputation? No… I can’t turn back anyhow, It would only result in my ‘elimination’, or at least that’s how they put it.
    Hell, I’ve seen some of the creatures here, who knows what would happen? God, I need a drink…
    I stood up only to sit myself back down. I needed to do this report, or corporate will have my head. Slowly, I reached into my desk and pulled out an audio recorder, swallowing to clear my throat as I opened the thick, manila envelope, spreading out the
:iconleviathanxyzzy:LeviathanXyzzy 11 5
Cruelest Of Hearts~Eyeless Jack X Reader Chapt. 27
Chapter 27 The Fallen Ones
You and Jack were walking for hours.
 The endless pine forest that surrounded you from every possible corner continued to tower above you like a silent enemy who waited for the perfect opportunity to strike you both dead, as you made your way further and further inside of it, with you following close behind Jack. The shadows that lurked around the tree trunks appeared darker than they should be, considering the fact that the sun was still high on the cloudy firmament, offering his strong rays of light in abundance. You had absolutely no idea where you were going. Trusting the man completely, you allowed him to walk in front of you, following a certain path that only he could see and with your feet sinking on the purely white snow underneath. And most importantly, you asked no questions whatsoever. The penetrating cold was piercing through your clothes and reaching all the way down to your very own bones, freezing you with the passing seconds and
:iconeviann1994:Eviann1994 27 5
Cruelest Of Hearts~Eyeless Jack X Reader Chapt. 26
Chapter 26 Exile
What had happened to you, you had absolutely no idea; where you were currently, was another matter that you knew nothing about. For your rather hot-blooded nature, the state of ignorance was not so typical and once you found yourself in it, your brain was struggling all on its own to produce the necessary answers to all of your questions. Like now for example. Right now, you were under the faint awareness that you were lying against a comfortable surface; right now, your eyes were indeed open yet your vision could only see an endless haze of white lights which were ever-so-often disturbed by some faint shadow that danced on the edges of your vision, passing closely enough for your blurry eyes to pick up. It was your consciousness that was drifting in and out of awareness, threatening to pull you back into the darkness but you tried as hard as you could to focus right in front of you and remember what had happened. Because the need for you to remember, seemed l
:iconeviann1994:Eviann1994 27 15
Lady Luck: Part 27 (HOODY X READER)
        “Well, here it is. What do you think?
       “Well, I guess it’s better than nothing.
       The sedan’s appearance did not conceal its age as the camera panned over it, specks of dirt and dust marring the tinted windows and body. Chips in the paint littered its body almost as numerous as the stars in the sky, but they added no glamour or brilliance to the faded teal paint like how glistening stars lit the night. If anything, they did the opposite, emphasizing all of the neglect that the car endured over the years.
        Though presently I held no disdain towards the vehicle, my past self clearly did not feel the same as she carried the camera closer to the car. “When was the last time this thing was washed?” my voice inquired off-camera, zooming in on a dent in the back door with a white splotch in it. “I mean, if you
:iconvalentinesdaygreen:ValentinesDayGreen 62 33
A 'little' help? (Mini!Creepypasta x Reader) Ch. 1
    There is a certain joy that comes from waking up late, and remembering that it was your off time. No chores, no having to deal with annoying coworkers, and sleeping in is a must!
    You turned over onto your side, snuffling deeper into your covers as sleep reached out to claim you again.
    Oh hell no!
    You sat bolt straight up and looked at your door, shoulders slumping. You had a pretty good idea of who was knocking at your door. You let out a frustrated groan and tossed your blanket off your legs and stomped over to the door, grabbing the handle as you composed yourself and tried not to seem too angry as you pulled open the door and came face to face with the eons old creature, The Slenderman.
    Also known as your Operator.
    “Yes?” You asked, crossing your arms before you scrunched your brow. He was holding a
:iconleviathanxyzzy:LeviathanXyzzy 15 4
' Smile Darling! ' by KawaiiNekois ' Smile Darling! ' :iconkawaiinekois:KawaiiNekois 6 0


hey everyone long time no talk lol anyways its my birthday tomorrow and I'm very sorry for not have updating my stories like at in high school now and i got a lot of shit and stuff to do ^^" so I'm sorry ill try to update everything soon!!! PROMISE


XxxHidanaxxX's Profile Picture
Mindy Hodges
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello everyone Mindy here I just wanted to give a little information about me and my profile! Yes I do role-play and will accept almost any role-play so just message me! Oh here some info about me before I get into detail about rp xD I am currently 15 years old and will be turning sixteen shortly aka a couple months, I write fan-fictions on her and such so yeah!~ I'm pretty nice once you get to know me! so feel free to talk to me! and give me ideas for my fan-fics! now heres some details about my rp character!!! <3
Name:Rose Maire Heartfelt
Skin: Pale porcelain.
Clothing:jean shorts with a white tee-shirt and plane white hoodie along with black converse.

thumb338894000: Offenderman Fan Button by ButtonsMaker He came in like a wrecking ball by Klayfrog A.K.A.T.S.U.K.I by SakakiTheMastermind C: Sara by Hyanna-Natsu :thumb369750090: :thumb370815139: :thumb369630015: PewDiePie Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Stephano Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Cry Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Minecraft Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Ib (Anime) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Ib Stamp by yumacchi Sky Journal Doll c: by The-Doodle-Ninja I'm bisexual. STAMP by Cute-Polly Blood by Shadow252525 Smiling....3 by Shadow252525 Hidan by Deidara1717 Hidan by gatasandvillage Akatsuki stamp by Squally-Chan Ninja Powers Stamp by Fyi-Sus Lavender Town Stamp by FENNEKlNS Pasta Monsters Stamp by Onslaught14 Tobi dancing by Tobi-Madara-Uchiha spiderman+deadpool by kanaha8823 Wade Staph by DaniGrillo Eyeless Jack Stamp by La-Mishi-Mish :thumb344384507: Sally Stamp by La-Mishi-Mish We Are The Proxies by The-MoonShadow Akatsuki stamp by Bilianna Tobi Stamp by HappyStamp Tobi stamp XD by zelos22 Tobi - Stamp 2 by FreeStamps Silent Hill Fan Button by ButtonsMaker :thumb328470567: Masky and Hoody Icon by MelancholyHorror Hoody Icon by MelancholyHorror Splendorman Icon by MelancholyHorror Hoody Icon by MelancholyHorror Creepypasta Gang :COLORED ADDITION: by PilusInk Germany Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Smile HD Fan Button by ButtonsMaker spideypool family by furdonkadonk entering the ring by furdonkadonk :AC: D Is for Deadpool by Kallian91 STAMP: Hoodie Addict by Mottenfest Marble Hornets Stamp 1 by SpeedStamps Easily Amused stamp by Fairy-Red-Hime Laptop Addiction Stamp by falakalak Seven Deadly Stamps: Lust by Voltaira Seven Deadly Stamps: Sloth by Voltaira Kakashi Motiv Poster by OneTrueSonicMaster Holy Shit by Gelabird Bitch Slap by nekomataonna Falcon PUNCH by Gelabird Immortality by Bri-Nara PewDiePie Dance Stamp by Bubbleberry-chan :thumb426933196: ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnight I Support Creepypasta Narrators Stamp by Unattentive-Teen



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